By Upsocl
January 27, 2023

Influencer and activist Luisa Mell wasn’t indifferent to the consumption of turkey at these end-of-year dinners, where she called for “compassion for all animals”. On social media, she was asked to be respectful and just cook “herself a vegan dinner”.

With the end-of-year festivities, the consumption of meats such as turkey is on the rise all over the world. This is something that doesn’t please many people who decide not to eat meat, as is the case of a Brazilian activist.

Through her social media, presenter and activist Luisa Mell, 44, shared a video to criticize the consumption of turkey at Christmas dinners, considering this action as “lack of compassion”.

Instagram @luisamell

Mell’s post began by delivering a specific fact regarding turkey consumption: “8 million turkeys killed in Brazil to celebrate the date”.

She continued: “Do you know what Christmas means? Birth. We celebrate the life of Christ. But unfortunately, we celebrate it with the death of animals,” she wrote in a post on Instagram.

Instagram @luisamell

In doing so, Mell wrote that animals suffer mistreatment before meat is sold: “My request this Christmas is for love and compassion to be extended to all species of animals, to feel, to suffer, to love. Like your dog.”

Of course, her message didn’t go unnoticed, and hundreds of people poured in to comment on the post. While she has support from animal activists, many people criticized her on social media.

“Respect other people’s habits,” asked one follower. “Make yourself a vegan dinner,” suggested another. However, there were also messages of support for the activist, inviting people to stop eating meat because of animal suffering and environmental pollution.