By Upsocl
August 10, 2020

She said she didn’t mind living there, that she even found it to be “quiet” and “liberating”. It’s become a tourist attraction, receiving onlookers every day.

Life on the highway is extreme. Unless when you’re driving on it, you never know what it might bring. Something like this happens in this story, however, in this case, it’s the motorway that envelopes the protagonist. You could say that the highway even reached her house.

In the Chinese city of Guangzhou, authorities construct a road around a humble home. The owner refused to sell it for years until they had no choice but to build around the house, without touching it. In that sector, the highway splits and then comes together again, leaving the small “hole” where Ms. Liang lives.

Guangzhou Daily – Weibo

Negotiations took place for several years between the authorities and the woman who owned the house, but they never reached an agreement. She rejected all the proposals the government made, claiming that the offers were inadequate.

Guangzhou Daily – Weibo

Some time has passed and the project has been carried out. Now, after a few years, aerial images of the humble home between the two roads have been published. It’s become a tourist attraction.

The place has become an attraction for many people, so the authorities have had to fence it in to prevent possible accidents.

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They didn’t offer her a replacement home, so her answer was a sharp no. Many people criticize her for not leaving, alluding to the poor conditions of her home.

She has said that it isn’t difficult for her to live there and that she finds it a quiet, liberating, pleasant and comfortable place. Some people also claim that Mrs Liang demanded four apartments from the government but that they only agreed to give her two. Therefore, they weren’t able to reach an agreement.

Guangzhou Daily – Weibo

Many people have visited the place to take pictures and see the interesting dwelling. 47 other houses like Ms. Liang’s were bought and vacated to build the highway project. Everyone else moved, except for her.

The authorities also reported that the engineers studied the case and concluded that it posed no danger to the woman. They promised to stay in touch with her to try to arrive at a possible solution.