By Upsocl
March 17, 2021

Yeferson Cossio, who has transformed himself into a social media star, followed his motto and operated his chiseled body. The original explanation involved a bet, but after winning it, he decided to go through with the operation anyway.

Ever since television and mass media have allowed people to acquire a level of fame previously reserved only for presidents and war heroes, there have been those who have pursued it with an almost fanatical dedication. Every decade and media revolution has had them: from people who participated in TV trivia shows to those who appeared on radio programs making crazy statements.


It’s clear that social media is only going to further encourage these characters to appear.


Enter Yefferson Cossio, a young Colombian, who has used this method to become a real star on social networks. His more than three million followers are proof enough that his strategy has paid off.


Following the self-declared motto of “Yes to everything”, Yeferson has been dedicated to following the suggestions of his followers, as well as proposing other kinds of crazy ideas, which his followers devour with a great deal of passion. Still, the most recent of these acts may have gone too far.


 After making a public bet with his brother-in-law that Yeferson would get breasts if he reached 3 million followers, he did.


In his last Instagram post, the influencer appeared wearing a fairly large-sized bra. In other photographs, he appeared showing his silicone implants, which somehow were placed in his pectorals in a way that the bodybuilder declared “would not damage [his] chest”:

“So, you didn’t think I was capable of getting titties? Well, look at how the surgery turned out.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the video of the surgery, so you can see the whole process.

I didn’t lose the challenge: I got boobies just for fun. I’ll take them off in a week. Do you know anyone who does crazier challenges than me on Instagram?

Would you be able to get breast implants just for fun? I just say, ‘yes to everything’!”

–Yeferson Cossio via Instagram

His followers found it hilarious, but it’s likely that people who are more serious about body issues and trans rights might not find how the influencer talks about these issues to be very funny.


At the moment, the video reveal of his breasts has accumulated almost 500,000 likes.

 Is this crazy?