By Upsocl
August 20, 2021

In a video that went viral online, you can see how this couple enjoys their lunch while their baby plays on the floor of a shopping mall. This situation hasn’t gone unnoticed and has raised many questions about the rules of parenting.

When it comes to raising a child, each parent is free to decide what to do, and what not to do. However, although it may sound annoying, people are free to express their opinion when something seems right, but especially when something seems wrong.

Taking that into consideration, users on social media have been divided in their opinions regarding a video that has generated controversy these days. In it, you see a couple letting their baby play on the floor of a shopping mall, apparently without any kind of precaution.

TikTok @wclipsto

In the controversial clip, a baby is seen on the floor of this mall while the adults are busy chatting and eating. Many were upset by this and were quick to give their opinions.

Although no one knows how old the child is, in the video, the baby appears playing restlessly on the floor while the adults in charge of him completely ignore him. This was a surprise for both Internet users and the person who recorded the clip.

TikTok @wclipsto

In fact, the moment was originally posted on a girl’s Snapchat, in which she reacted and wrote: “Lady leaves her baby on the floor.” Because of her reactions, the video quickly made it onto TikTok.

TikTok @wclipsto

Many internet users commented and didn’t hesitate to criticize the situation. “Some people really don’t deserve to be parents, bro,” said one netizen.

On the other hand, many wondered if those responsible for the child were at least concerned about the microbes in the place, or even the possibility of their child getting hurt on that hard floor of the mall.

 However, other users came to the couple’s defense, saying that it’s “normal” for parents to leave their children on the floor and that they’re the only ones who should be concerned.

Do you think it’s right to leave a baby on the floor of a public place? We’ll read your comments!