By Upsocl
August 4, 2020

His good deeds are a faithful reflection of his vocation. He didn’t hesitate to put himself at risk in order to carry out his profession and save a life. He felt a special calling.

Our vocation is our heart’s calling. It’s that extra motivation that drives us to keep going and to often do things that no one else would. This is what was witnessed in this simply amazing case that took place in Mexico, starring Dr. Miguel Angel Arteaga.

The doctor was admitted to the emergency room at the hospital where he works, after experiencing nausea, dizziness, headaches and high blood pressure, according to local media reports. Dr. Arteaga was admitted and stabilized, and kept for observation, when another patient appeared with a terrible injury to his arm.

Despite his complications, the doctor, who’s a specialist in orthopedic trauma, got out of bed to help with the procedure. He felt a special calling, something in his heart, that made him stand up to save another life.

Twitter Samuel Suervo

The doctor’s incredible gesture was viralized on Twitter, where it was shared by Samuel Cuervo, the host of Milenio TV. The post has over 10, 000 interactions with other users, who congratulated the doctor.

Dr. Arteaga, who is also a Twitter user, responded to the post in another gesture of humility and vocation.


“Thank you so much for your messages. They inspire me greatly to keep moving forward. This isn’t about heroism, it’s about HUMANITY”.

His images are circling the continent, giving us a reason to have faith in humanity while showing us that not everything is always about money.

Twitter Samuel Suervo

Everything happened last Monday at Petroleos Mexicanos General Hospital (Pemex) in the municipality of Paraiso, Tabasco.

 “My colleagues – who are excellent doctors in the emergency department – were struggling a bit to contain the patient’s bleeding. That’s when I got up and wanted to bring a little bit of my experience to save the sailor’s life and save his arm.”

Dr. Arteaga told El Heraldo Radio.

As the user who reported the instance said, “One moment you’re a patient and the next you’re getting up to help someone.

Twitter Samuel Suervo

The patient who received Dr. Miguel’s help had been admitted for an injury to his arm, which occurred at his work when glass fell on him, causing him several cuts and injuries.

Emergency personnel took the photographs and shared them with the world, filling us with hope and faith in humanity. Not all is lost if we have professionals like Dr. Arteaga. Thank you very much!