By Upsocl
February 17, 2023

“A proper dad takes care of his blessings,” a user said, complimenting him.

For many people, the animals that live at home are part of the family, and they’d do anything to see them happy. This is true for this man who, during a particularly hot day, decided to carry his adorable little dog in his arms.

The sweet scene took place in Irapuato, Mexico and caught the attention of a passerby who didn’t hesitate to record what he was seeing. In the clip, you can see how the furry dog’s human dad carries him on his shoulder while holding hands with his son.

TikTok @lega819

Although the moment is definitely a beautiful one, some netizens accused the dad of favoritism. According to them, he preferred to hold the puppy rather than his own human son. In fact, whoever recorded the clip put in the description, “When your priority is your dog and not the child.”

However, many defended the man’s action: The dog has no shoes, his paws burn. People think paws aren’t made of skin.” Canine pads are very sensitive, and things like temperature, ice, snow, mud, and stones can crack them or even generate wounds.

TikTok @lega819

A second person commented, “It’s not that he’s just his priority, that’s called empathy. I would do the same. My doggies are family too.” In addition, several noted that the child was holding his dad’s hand, so it’s not that he was unsupervised.

Regarding this point, one person said: “He’s a person with a lot of empathy and responsibility for his pet as well as his son because he takes him by the hand, a thousand blessings“. Several agreed with this comment, even the one who uploaded the clip replied, “The most accurate comment! Here we leave you the video:

What do you think? Did the father really neglect his son for the puppy?