By Upsocl
January 20, 2023

René Salinas Ramos, from Ecuador, made this radical decision because he says justice benefits mothers over fathers. “I’m very sure of my sexuality. My aim is to give the love and protection that a mother can give to her children,” he said.

A father and mother will do anything to protect their children from whatever comes their way. Sometimes, the dispute over the care of their children is between the parents themselves, who end their relationship and fight for custody of their children.

A father from Ecuador, who claims to be the one in charge of his children, took a defiant decision before the law in order to win this dispute. The man, identified as René Salinas Ramos, took the initiative to change his gender before the Civil Registry to become a woman.

La Voz del Tomebamba

This change in his identity isn’t motivated by anything related to sexual or gender diversity, he wants to be given more importance at the moment of designating who will have the guardianship of his daughters, according to the local media El Universo.

This happened in the province of Azuay, where the news has been transcendental in the locality as well as in the entire South American country. The father’s complaint is that his two daughters don’t live with him, and he can’t see them frequently, which is why he wants there to be a change in this situation.

René Salinas Ramos

According to this media report source, it didn’t take him long to make the change and now identify as female. Despite this, René says he feels confident and convinced of his sexuality, even though his ID card now says otherwise.

For the father, the problem lies in the fact that the legal system in his country benefits mothers over fathers in such disputes, so he wanted to bring about a change with his radical decision. He hopes that he’ll be treated in the same way as his daughters’ mother because he wants to be referred to as a mother from now on.

La Voz del Tomebamba

“The law is taking away our right to be parents. It’s a test of love,” said René.

 “Now I’m a mother too. That’s how I consider myself. I’m very sure of my sexuality. My aim is to give the love and protection that a mother can give to her children,” he said in a conversation with La Voz del Tomebamba.

According to what he said, he was unable to see her first daughter for a year and a half. In the case of his second daughter, according to René, he’s suffering from mistreatment. “As long as this isn’t resolved, they have to be with their mother”, he said..