By Natalia Avayu
June 13, 2024

“If I’m unhappy or have a problem, I just go to Kathleen and we always end up laughing,” said one of the grandmothers. 😍

There are friendships that last a lifetime. From childhood, where they get to know each other, grow together and go through their teenage years together, until old age. Most would think this couldn’t happen, that it’s unlikely (for it to be a true bond), but this case is the exception. And while some people are friends for 50 or 60 years, they hardly go past that.

These grandmothers have been friends for 80 years. They met when they were 11 years old at school and, today, they decided to move to a nursing home together. They have formed a true friendship.


Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward met when they were just 11 years old. They went to the same school where they started a friendship in 1941 that has lasted almost a lifetime.

They wanted to make fun of the boys, play and do mischievous things together, but they never thought they’d stick by one another for so long.

More than friends, they’re like sisters.


Now they’ve taken their shenanigans to the Mansfields Berry Hill Park in Nottinghamshire (England), where caregivers call them “the dynamic duo” for their incredible humor and friendship.

Kathleen, 89, like Olive, has said that the key to their friendship has been to understand her partner and that she doesn’t like to argue. In addition, she says that she still feels capable of going for a man.


«We knew when we met that we’d always be friends. She means a lot to me. If Olive leaves first, she’ll come back for me. We’ll be friends in heaven».

Kathleen said to BBC.

All their lives they’ve lived close to each other , in the same neighborhood, until Kathleen moved into a retirement home. When Olive knew, she felt a little depressed and, for that reason, she decided to move with her, little over a month ago.

“If I’m unhappy or have a problem, I just go to Kathleen and we always end up laughing.”

Olive said to  BBC.


The inseparable friends can now continue doing everything together, from dancing, to playing bingo. They’re a couple of adorable old ladies.