By Ignacio Mardones
May 26, 2024

She wanted her to meet their newest family members, her little baby rats. They aren’t evil or aggressive, not like many believe them to be, they’re just like any other animal.

Our mothers are always proud of us. They’ll always tell you that you look cute and they’re not lying to you, they truly believe it. This doesn’t only happen to human beings, but to all the mothers who walk this earth. From dogs to insects and even the infamous rats.

This giant rat is so proud of her children, that she grabbed her owner’s finger so she could show them to her.

The video already has 2.4 million views. It’s a complete hit.

YouTube: Ismerie Laurencin

This adorable rat is an African rat, famous for its giant size, and it belongs to APOPO, a Belgian organization that trains rats to detect tuberculosis and minefields, according to National Geographic.

They save lives and are extremely important in some places, but not as much as some people believe: they’ve been branded as sewer animals, and judged as dark and evil.

On the contrary, these rodents are sweet and meek, like so many others. This mother has proven it.

Watch the video here:

One of the most popular comments on the video comes from a user that wanted to clarify the situation a bit more:

“The rat isn’t showing you her babies, she’s taking you to her home to protect you… that’s what rats do when they’re born… she thinks you’re a member of her family, she loves you and wants to keep you safe.”

User Markos pap, on YouTube.

YouTube: Ismerie Laurencin

Anyway, this animal’s sweet gesture has proven those who discredit rats wrong, proving that people shouldn’t be afraid of them. They’re adorable, just like any other animal.