By Upsocl
February 2, 2023

Regardless of her partner’s weight, this young woman carried him to a place where he could rest.

Love can move many things because those who are in love are capable of doing anything to help that special someone. In fact, sometimes they have to do a lot for them because they know they need a helping hand in a complicated moment.

For good couples, making an effort to give their loved ones a boost will never be a problem. This was the case of this young woman, who’s gone viral on the internet for the dedication and love she shows for her partner.

@marcos10gf / TikTok

This girl carried her boyfriend on her back when he was in such bad condition that he couldn’t walk on his own or get anywhere alone. In fact, he seemed to be unaware of what was going on around him.

Allegedly, the man was very drunk, but no further details of the case are known, only a video that has become quite viral on the social media platform TikTok after user @marcos10gf shared the clip on his account.

@marcos10gf / TikTok

Although the video is only 10 seconds long, it’s convincing enough for people to believe the deep love this girl must feel for her beloved boyfriend. Even though he was quite heavy and in that state, she didn’t hesitate to throw him on her back to take him to a place where he could rest.

@marcos10gf / TikTok

This young woman has received a lot of applause on the internet for her supportive attitude towards his boyfriend. Despite the fact that he was very drunk, she didn’t leave him alone for a second. She also understood how risky it was for him at that time to fend for himself in that state.

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“Those women are worth so much and are rare. That’s true love, blessings,” wrote one user. “Only a requited love will do,” said a second. “That’s what it looks like when someone really loves you,” added a third.