By Upsocl
February 13, 2023

After 56 years of marriage, she completely forgot everything except for her beloved husband. That’s why every morning he strives to lift her spirits and bring a smile to her face.

There are love stories that are simply inexplicable, because despite all the obstacles they encounter along the way, they still manage to overcome them. An example of this are Catalina’s grandparents, who in her account on the social media platform TikTok ( showed the efforts they’ve made for love.

They’ve been married for more than five decades, so they lived the most joyful moments of their lives together. However, they’ve also had to deal with bitter scenarios, such as their current reality after she lost her memory. / TikTok

As a product of her advanced age, his wife can hardly remember anything anymore, but one thing that never goes away is her beloved partner’s face. Every day, he tries to cheer her up. To do so, he combs his hair and gets ready to visit her every morning in her room, without fail.

“My grandfather fixes himself up every morning to visit my grandmother in her room. He is 86, she is 82. They’ve been married for 56 years. Life played a bad pass on them when my grandmother got sick more than 15 years ago. Despite having lost her memory, all her memories, my grandfather is still a familiar face for her,” Catalina recounted. / TikTok

“This is his routine every day, without fail. We’re convinced it’s what keeps her here with us. If you ask me what love is, I’ll say, look at my grandparents. That look that says everything without needing to say anything,” she added. / TikTok

In the video, you can see how the old man is very concerned about looking handsome to go see his beloved. Then, he tries to get a smile out of her with jokes and even reaches over to give her a kiss, which she receives because she still recognizes him. He knows she can probably reach the point of forgetting him, so he tries to make it very clear to her how much he loves her. El amor de ellos dos 🫶🏻 #amor #abuelostiktokers #abueloseternos #fypage #foryou #fyp #argentina #reallove #lovestory ♬ Repeat Until Death – Novo Amor

“Never stop looking at me,” he tells her.