By Upsocl
December 16, 2020

15 dollars an hour is what she asked her daughter, who works constantly, to pay her. Although this grandmother adores her grandson, looking after babies isn’t her job.

When we get older we all hope to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of retirement in our own homes. You’ve surely seen your grandparents enjoying taking part in family moments and parties but they’re also happy when those celebrations are over.

That’s because they like having the opportunity to take a moment to rest and recharge their batteries. It’s the same with their grandchildren, they enjoy spending time with them, just not all their time.


That’s why one grandmother decided to charge her daughter for her babysitting services, who was always working and didn’t have time to look after her son. The grandmother, who chose to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail that when other people found out about her request, they called her “greedy” and “insensitive”.

It would seem that they think it’s not enough that this woman has raised her daughter, they think that now she should spend her golden years looking after her grandson.


They don’t see the fact that 2 or 3 times a week she has to stay home to look after the little boy and it’s not just simple visits, she has to bathe him, feed him and care for him. Her daughter offered to pay her just 10 dollars an hour but the woman thought this was very little and asked for 15.

Just enough, according to her calculations, to cover a day’s work as when she’s got her grandson with her, she can’t carry out other tasks around the home.

“I am not a daycare, I need money to replace the time I am giving up from my job”.

–The anonymous Grandma told the Daily Mail

The woman finds it a shame that people attacked her for her comments without putting themselves in her shoes, for while being a grandmother is a great experience, it’s not something that should become a new job. Equally her daughter could look for private a babysitter and leave her in peace, as she’s not looking for a job.

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That was her reply to those people who demanded that to charge for babysitting services, she should have qualifications in childcare and first aid. Something this woman is clearly not interested in getting, as she enjoys spending time with her grandson, just so long as his mother’s there too.

Everybody’s time should be valued although we never thought we’d read about a mother and daughter arguing over the cost of looking after a grandchild. We hope they’ve managed to come to an agreement, maybe the daughter should look for another babysitter and put an end to the problem.


What’s important is that the woman can rest and enjoy her family, as her age allows.