By Upsocl
January 5, 2022

Elba was happy to marry Luis, whom she looked at with her eyes full of love and hope. Meanwhile, he was indifferent to her and had other woman by his side.

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings that can be experienced, especially when the feeling is reciprocated. When people meet, most decide to unite their lives in marriage, and as much as this may seem like a triumph or a success in the romantic realm of life, it’s not always so.

Not all people who get married love each other, it’s an unfortunate thing to learn, but these are things that happen. On Twitter, an Argentinian user named Paula shared a picture of her parents’ wedding, which showed the two bride and groom and a third person next to them, a woman holding Luis by the arm, who turned out to be his lover at the time.

My mom got married like this, in love, my dad on his lover’s arm,” Paula said in the publication with the attached image.

Twitter: @paugeraldine

The photo has gotten more than 6,000 retweets and 170,000 “likes”. Due to its popularity, Paula spoke with Infobae to provide more details about the photo. Elba and Luis’ wedding took place 52 years ago. She was very much in love with him, but he had a certain reputation as a womanizer. So much so that he had a relationship with his brother’s girlfriend while he was with Elba, and a mistress at his very wedding, who posed very smiling with the couple. All this without Elba suspecting anything.

Years later, she learned the sad truth and told her daughter Paula, who found the photo this year while tidying up some things and remembered what her mother had told her. I still don’t understand why my mom never tore up that photo and gave it to me,” she told Infobae.

Archivo personal: Paula (@paugeraldine)

It turns out that Elba had to endure more than one harsh truth and a huge disappointment from her husband. “That woman was my uncle’s girlfriend at the time. She never became someone important. Neither in my uncle’s life nor in my dad’s, but they dated for a year and a half. But she wasn’t the only one. My dad was unfaithful to my mom all his life,” she told the same media outlet

Elba’s lover herself confessed the secret to her 15 years later, and in the presence of Luis, who didn’t deny it and confessed to having had another at the time of marriage.He apologized to her, and because she was so good, she forgave her. And my dad, too,” Paula told Infobae.

Elba was a mother who worked hard to raise her family while her husband was a master builder, but his job wasn’t stable. When she discovered a new infidelity in 1978, she decided to separate from him.

Archivo personal: Paula (@paugeraldine)

Elba decided to rebuild her life with another man, but it would seem that she was always unlucky in love as his personality was very toxic. “He was a piece of sh*t this guy. My dad, besides having been unfaithful to her all his life, never insulted her, never raised a hand. He didn’t smoke or have any vices,” Paula told Infobae.

Luis never changed. He is currently 83 years old and has a relationship with a 43-year-old woman. He was always looking for love affairs. However, he lives on the pension that his ex-wife left him, and Paula, together with her younger brother, hardly ever speaks to him, and he doesn’t seem interested in his grandchildren either.

Archivo personal: Paula (@paugeraldine)

Despite all this, Elba could never forget Luis with all his mistakes made and always loved him with an unrequited love. “Unfortunately, my mom was in love with my dad until the day she died. You could see it in her face, as it’s portrayed in the wedding photo. He was a famous flirt. But you don’t choose who you fall in love with,” Paula told Infobae.

Most likely, Elba was guided by her heart, and going against it is often difficult. No one is free from love.