By Upsocl
March 15, 2023

“Don’t worry friend, you’ll find someone,” a user tried to console her.

Gender stereotypes often create anxieties if we aren’t fulfilling them, and this woman is proof of that. Angela, on TikTok user @asanewa, shared a sad video where she claims to feel very bad for not having children or a husband when being close to turning 30.

This feeling of not doing what she should be doing is one shared by several women. They feel pressured to have a family at a certain age. In the description of the video, she writes: “Let your favor guide me, Lord”, asking God to help her in this situation.

TikTok @asanewa

Angela recorded herself crying in front of the camera, and in the clip, she put the text “I’ll be 30 next year, and I’m not married yet nor have kids. I always go to sleep with tears in my eyes.” The video touched the hearts of several people. In fact, it already has more than 4.2 million reproductions.

The woman generated a wave of empathy towards her as many were able to put themselves in her place and understand the pain she feels. Many tried to dedicate some words of encouragement, advice or simply support. In fact, the clip already has about 33,000 comments.

TikTok @asanewa

One person told her, “Girlfriend, being single is the most beautiful blessing you can have. Spread your wings to life and fly free and unattached.” On the other hand, there were some men who found her beautiful, and one man even asked her to marry him: “I’ll marry you”.

Likewise, other women in the same position wanted to offer her another point of view: “Don’t worry, my friend. At 34, I don’t have children either“. Another user commented: “I’m 40, and I’m not married, and I don’t have children. I don’t fall asleep crying, but I pray to God to allow me to have a partner if it’s his will…”. Here we leave you the video in question:

Let’s hope that in the future things will change and women will manage to feel comfortable, even if they don’t have children or a husband.