By Upsocl
January 19, 2021

“It’s part of growing up I think, but it’s his rudeness and disrespect I cannot stand,” said Becky, the protagonist and mother of the 13-year-old boy.

We all misbehaved a little in school and enervated our parents and teachers by getting into trouble. We were warned with the classic “behave or you’ll see… you won’t be able to play“, but this mother went a little further.

Tired of her son’s bad behavior, she constantly warned him about the punishment that awaited him, but he always just laughed at her. One day, she accompanied him to school and sat next to him during his class. He couldn’t bear the embarrassment.


His face said it all, he couldn’t handle the embarrassment. Although she always threatened to punish him, he never believed her. And of course, he never thought she’d show up at his school to teach him a lesson. Becky Crandley, the mother in this story, was applauded for her clever move.

I constantly threatened that I’d sit with him in school if needed, and he always laughed it off. So, when his math teacher emailed last week and said about an incident, I said to her I would join him. He didn’t have a clue, and he was very embarrassed for sure, I was introduced as his mum.”

Commented Becky, for Kent Live.

It all happened at Sittingbourne Community College in Kent, England, where the eighth grader (13 years old) already had a record of bad behavior, especially toward his teachers. Becky thought it was just part of growing up , but she was constantly receiving emails from his teacher, warning her about her son.

It’s part of growing up I think, but it’s his rudeness and disrespect I cannot stand. I have had phone call after phone call about his behaviour, especially from his teachers. He’s had an untold number of detentions and isolations, but nothing seemed to bother him.”

Becky told Kent Live.

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She decided to take control of the matter and discussed her idea with the school. They agreed, and the very next day, she was sitting next to her son. She shared the scenario through Facebook and received an incredible amount of applause and congratulatory messages.

“If only I got a picture of his face when I walked in and sat down next to him, he went so red there’s nothing I can compare it to.”

 The mother concluded, for Kent Live.

This was a creative way to punish her child, although it’s more of a lesson. He’ll probably never forget it.