By Upsocl
octubre 7, 2020

His name is Miqueas Lionel and he lives in Ushuaia (Argentina), or at least he did until his illness forced his family to move to Buenos Aires. Their efforts paid off and today he is happy and healthy.

He overcame every obstacle in his path. Little Miqueas is a fighter born and bred. At just two years old he already knows what it means to battle adversity.

He recently had a bone marrow transplant, after an anxious wait due to his leukemia, and he also contracted COVID-19 and beat it. Today he is both happy and healthy and his family are over the moon about his tremendous recovery.

Brian Alvarengo

The family hails from Patagonia in the south of Argentina but they were forced to move to Buenos Aires to ensure Miqueas received the treatment he needed.

During a pediatric check-up we were told that Miqueas had three abnormal blood values.

Days later he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia”.

Miqueas´s father Brian told Media outlet TN

Brian Alvarengo

So they began a course of chemotherapy and treatments which lasted a month. There were some complications along the way as it turned out the little boy had contracted other hospital viruses. However despite everything, he never gave up.

After the first round of chemo, Miqueas went into remission. Everything seemed to be looking up, but that all changed when he got seriously sick again.

Brian Alvarengo

A transplant was the only option. Things didn’t look good for little Miqueas but after every storm there’s a rainbow. 

As if all of that wasn’t enough, he also contracted pneumonia and mucositis, which were made worse by the fact that the chemotherapy had seriously weakened his immune system.

“There were moments when he had a fever of more than 39 degrees celsius, or when he contracted a fungal blood infection due to his weak immune system. It was dreadful.”

Brian told TN

Brian Alvarengo

They looked for international donors and were in luck. There was a donor in Germany. They were overcome with joy as it had been very unlikely that they would find a match for little Miqueas.

However, unfortunately the little boy fractured his leg and due to the intense treatment he was undergoing for leukemia, he also developed heart disease.


“We couldn’t believe it” Brian said about the moment he was told his son had contracted coronavirus as well. They’d already had their fair share of bad luck. However Miqueas Lionel was a match for whatever came his way.

He overcame the infections, the leg injury, and the transplant surgery went perfectly. The sun had come out.

Today he’s a completely healthy young boy. His family is grateful for all the help and support they received on his road to recovery. Miqueas proves that miracles can happen and now he can smile again.