By Upsocl
December 23, 2022

Despite not having the money for Beyoncé’s expensive boots, this dad gave his little girl some self-made ones.

Parents would do anything to spoil their children, but often, due to time or money issues, it’s just not possible to pull this off. However, one father on social media has shown that, with cleverness, anything can be done.

Manuel Santos, famous influencer, conquered the internet after showing the process he went through to fulfill the dream of his little daughter: having Beyoncé boots.

Instagram @twogaypapas

His daughter’s wish was to have boots just like the singer, and although it seemed like an impossible task due to the high cost, Manuel was able to fulfill her Christmas wish.

Through a video posted on his Instagram account, @TwoGayPapas, the man proceeded to show everything he had to do to make the boots with his own hands.

Instagram @twogaypapas

In the description of the post, Manuel Santos explained that his daughter dreamed of having boots identical to those of superstar Beyoncé.

“A Christmas present she’ll never forget. That’s what it’s all about, creating memories that will one day bring a smile and maybe a tear to her eye. She asked for something that Santa couldn’t bring her, but her dad, with some cleverness and effort, could,” were the words Santos wrote.

During the sequence, the father explained that he had to order the boots from China because, due to his daughter’s size, they were difficult to get. Once he had the boots in his hand, he proceeded to patiently glue the strips of litmus paper together to create the right effect.

The little girl’s reaction

The most touching part of the clip was the little girl’s reaction. When she opened the gift box with the boots, she smiled and put her hands to her mouth in surprise as she admired her new pair of boots.

Instagram @twogaypapas

If that wasn’t enough, Manuel Santos put together the whole outfit for the little girl, so he bought a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt like the ones worn by Beyoncé.

Instagram @twogaypapas

Of course, the video was filled with positive comments, where this dad was applauded for his ingenuity and effort.

“Amazing, my mother didn’t even know how to paint my carnival sword and my father wasn’t even there hahahahahaha so they’re very lucky”; “Without a doubt, the greatest value of that gift is how it’s made and what it means to her”; “Award for the best father of the century”; “Crying for strangers is our passion? “; are some of the comments that filled the post.