By Upsocl
August 20, 2020

David was watching TV with his wife when she started having seizures. Now she needs full-time care.

David Cesar has been taking care of his wife, Bruna de Sousa, 26, who’s in a vegetative state, for the past two years. The young Brazilian, 27, dedicates his life to looking after the woman he loves.

Bruna suffered a cardiac arrest, which left her with permanent damage, such as mental alienation and arrhythmia. She is ostomized and fed by tube. It all happened very quickly. They were watching TV when Bruna started to feel sick and have convulsions.

Instagram @brunaedavidamor

“In a matter of 3 minutes, she lost all vital signs. We ran to the hospital, and after 25 minutes, they managed to revive her, but she’d been without oxygen for a long time,” David told Razões para Acreditar.

Bruna suffered from a disorder that doesn’t affect the most basic functions of the nervous system but makes the person unable to perceive anything in themselves or their environment.

Instagram @brunaedavidamor
Instagram @brunaedavidamor

She spent 1 year and 6 months in the hospital and has been receiving treatment at home since June 2019. She needs help from specialists, medicines, enteral feeding, among others.

 David takes care of Bruna full time. He’s unemployed and has gone through many difficulties. What he makes by working as a driver in Maracanaú (CE) doesn’t even cover his wife’s needs.

Instagram @brunaedavidamor

The young man started to raise money and collected 28,000 dollars, however, Bruna’s monthly costs are still very high, and she needs even more money.

“We haven’t achieved her retirement yet. But two volunteer lawyers are helping us. We are living on donations,” David told Razões para Acreditar.

Instagram @brunaedavidamor

After extensive research, and with the help of neurologists, David found hope in a drug that exists in Canada. Bruna would need to take this drug within 3 years and supplement the treatment with physical therapy. The cost of all this is about R$100,000.

Instagram @brunaedavidamor

Now, David is looking to raise money to get the medicine and VOAA is helping him.