By Natalia Avayu
May 19, 2024

People who commit any sort of crime against animals will face fines and up to seven years of jail. The goal is to end all acts of animal cruelty in the country.

American politicians called the new law “an absolute victory.” The bill called the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, catalogs animal cruelty as a punishable federal crime, contemplating penalties as severe as jail time against those who dare to hurt animals.


“Approving this bill means a huge win for those who fight against animal cruelty and towards building safer communities. Evidence shows that people who frequently hurt animals later move onto hurting people. It’s the federal government’s duty to punish these acts by using the law and carrying the proper punishments,” senator Pat Toomey said on ABC.

The law, which was propelled by Ted Deutch and Vern Buchanan, it’s an extension of the “Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act” launched back in 2010, which forbid the creation and distribution of animal cruelty video material.

Mundo Patitas

Now, any person who commits an intentional act of animal cruelty such as crushing, burning, strangling, drowning, implying or sexually abusing an animal will face the weight of the federal law in America.

Mundo Patitas

The monsters who commit these crimes risk up to seven years in prison.

The PACT is a testimony to the American values. Animals deserve the highest protection and approval from the congress and the President, and this marks a new era for a kinder treatment towards animals, guaranteed by the federal law,” Kitty Block, an animal activist, said.


“For decades, the national law against cruelty was an animal for those of us who protect animals. Today, it’s a reality,” she added.

It’s important to consider that this is federal law: this means that the law applies to the entire country and that people can run to other states to escape the law or seek lesser penalties.


There’s nowhere to hide now.