By Upsocl
February 25, 2022

“My boyfriend needs to have me on a video call during his full 12-hour shift (…) That way, I know he’s not flirting with other girls,” said this girl identified as Nela, who has been labeled as “toxic” on social networks.

In a couple’s relationship, it is important that there is love and mutual commitment for it to be a lasting union. However, it’s also important to have a healthy bond. When it becomes toxic, that’s when the problems begin, so it’s good to identify early the first signs that you’re going down the wrong path.

On social media, a girl who calls herself Nela has been described as “toxic” for the excessive jealousy and control she exerts over her boyfriend, José Macías. The case of this couple from Fresno, California became known after she shared on the social platform TikTok that she must have a video call with her boyfriend throughout his workday.

@flackoandnela / TikTok

Through the account they both share, @flackoandnela, she posted a video where the boy was at his job at Amazon, where he packs shipments. While he was focused on his tasks, she was on the other side of the screen, washing dishes at home.

“My boyfriend needs to have me on a video call during his full 12-hour shift. It’s not because I don’t trust him, but because I don’t trust girls,” reads the text she wrote above the video.

@flackoandnela / TikTok

Meanwhile, in the description she said, “I could quit my job and go to work with him.” All this display of jealousy and control made their relationship go viral on the internet, with a special message for the guy: run.

However, although it seems like a toxic relationship, he doesn’t seem to be upset about it and is usually shown very happy with his girlfriend. After the first video became popular, the young woman shared another one in which she said: “On video call with my boyfriend, part 2. So, I know he’s not flirting with other girls.”

@flackoandnela / TikTok

And in turn, in the description she wrote “I already sent my resume in” to say that she had applied to go to work with him.