By Upsocl
November 9, 2021

Brisa was only seven months old when she burned 88% of her body while sleeping. Although her struggle hasn’t been easy, today the athlete and model accepts herself as she is, assuring that “she wouldn’t undergo a face transplant”.

When she was seven months old, she was on the verge of death, all after a fire broke out in her house in Salta, Argentina, and she fell victim to the flames. 88% of her body suffered severe burns, which meant she’d have to fight for her life, facing prejudice and pursuing her dreams along the way. Today, Brisa can say that she is winning that battle.

On Burn Prevention Day, Garrahan Hospital decided to share the story of Brisa. Now 21 years old, this girl enjoys triumphs in sports and a future in modeling.

Hospital Garrahan

Although Brisa says that many children, like herself, who’ve had serious accidents and very visible burns, try to hide, she didn’t want to. Although the looks and strangers followed her throughout her life, she learned to overcome the shame to end the stigmatization.

“Today, I look at myself in the mirror and I like myself,” Brisa said on Garrahan Hospital’s website, the institution that saved her life.

After the accident, which affected very sensitive areas of her body such as her head and arms to the point where one of them was amputated, Brisa always tells her story to inspire others.

Currently, the 21-year-old collects a series of medals as a runner, which she won in the National Evita Games in the 100-meter dash and shot put events. This discipline allowed her to be independent, regain her confidence, and find her passion.

Beauty Contest

In 2020, she also decided to take on the challenge of modeling. In the midst of the pandemic, a photo of her went viral and managed to attract the attention of the Miss World Beauty contest.

In the contest, the first of its kind in which she participated in, she received three recognitions: the most voted photo award in the networks, Miss Congeniality and Strong Woman. In addition, she was hired by a modeling agency in Salta to pursue her dream and be able to dedicate herself professionally to it.

Hospital Garrahan

Although the struggle to achieve her dreams hasn’t been easy, today Brisa feels confident, and she keeps discrimination away from her: “I look back until they stop looking. No one is superior or inferior to anyone else. We are all equal”.

In addition to sports and modeling, Brisa wants to study physical education and specialize in teaching children with disabilities. “I learned to stand up for myself, but not everyone has the same possibility, so, I want to help somehow “, said the future teacher.

She’s an example of strength and confidence!