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January 27, 2022

Vanessa Lynch, 30, has wanted to include nine-year-old Henry ever since she met her husband. “I promise to love you as if you were my own, and lastly, I promise I will be the best wife to your dad,” she added.

One of the most special moments at weddings is the reading of the vows. At that moment, the bride and groom dedicate emotional words and romantic promises to each other, showing their love for one another.

Of course, each vow reading has its own unique episodes, as each bride and groom has their own particular style of reading their vows.

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A few days ago, an emotional marriage was announced in which the bride included her stepson in the reading of her wedding vows, something that made the boy, the groom and all those present at the event very emotional.

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According to information from the Daily Mail, the bride, called Vanessa, 30, wanted him to feel included in this special moment. She began dedicating her speech directly to her husband Craig Lynch’s nine-year-old son, Henry.

“I know I wasn’t there the day you came into the world. I wasn’t there for your first steps or your first words, but I promise I will be there for many more of your firsts,” Vanessa read.

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Both Henry and his father Craig began to cry with emotion, as they didn’t expect these words from Vanessa, who feels that her stepson is like her biological son.

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The bride continued with her speech and added that “I promise to love you as if you were my own, and lastly, I promise I will be the best wife to your dad, and I promise to be the best stepmom I can be for you“.

According to Vanessa, she has always wanted to get close to Henry so he wouldn’t think she was “just going to be a woman his father was marrying“, so she decided to include him in her speech. She was careful, though, because “he’s shy and gets nervous in front of people“.

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The two met while they were students at Augsburg College and, months after their first date, Craig introduced his son Henry to Vanessa. From then on, he has planned every step in the relationship to make the 9-year-old feel included and doesn’t feel rejected.

That’s why she also decided to walk down the aisle with Craig and Henry, to show that they were a real family. “Just because you don’t share blood with someone does not mean you cannot be a family. It all comes from the love you hold for a person and what you commit to one another,” she said.