By Upsocl
March 9, 2023

“I think people like me who are evil and hate children should have our own quiet, undisturbed condo,” said the TikToker.

An Australian woman made a controversial statement saying she wanted an “adults-only” suburb where children would be banned. Incredibly, many parents agreed with her and expressed that it was important to have spaces free of little ones.

The TikToker, known as Baby Soja, explained that these areas should be created for people who, like her, “hate children.” According to her she is “so sick” of children disturbing her peace in public places.

TikTok @soybabie__

Some people had a problem with her words and told her she could go to a “retirement home” if she wants to relax so badly. However, others admitted that they would spend absolutely all their savings just to live in a condo with no kids.

The 27-year-old said, “I would like to know when somebody is planning on opening an adult’s only suburb where everything in it is only for adults.” She explained she was “so sick of going places and kids are just everywhere screaming.

TikTok @soybabie__

Her annoyance started because she went to a public pool and kids were jumping, splashing, and screaming. She just wanted to be able to swim to exercise, but she couldn’t do it with so many little ones making a fuss.

Netizens had different reactions to the clip, but one thing that stood out was that a large majority agreed with her. In fact, even parents seemed to accept her idea: “Being a mom, I agree. I hate going to dinner without my kids and having to listen to other people’s kids.” Here’s the video:

Another person said, “I would spend all my savings to get into that community,” and a third stated, “As a mom of two young children, I completely understand what you are saying and respect that people who don’t like kids need their space.”

What do you think about this idea, and do you think it would be good to have condos where children are prohibited? Let us know in the comments.