By Upsocl
January 30, 2023

Faced with a wave of criticism, Chilean influencer and model María José López responded to her detractors for kissing her son: “You’re going to have to suck it up…”.

A mother is free to do with her children as she sees fit. However, when she exposes her ways and parenting methods on social media, there is no doubt that the comments for or against them will soon follow.

This time, Chilean influencer and model, María José “Cote” López”, suffered a cyber-attack when she shared a picture of her Christmas this year, directly kissing her youngest son on the mouth.

Instagram @cotelopezm

The images were criticized by some followers, one of whom wrote: “Kissing your children on the mouth is in itself unhygienic and can cause infection. Get informed about it…”.

However, in the face of the critics who called her “abusive”, the influencer wanted to respond to everyone who didn’t agree with her kissing her child on the mouth.

Instagram @cotelopezm

“Regarding whether I kiss my son on the mouth, I’ve always received all kinds of comments. Tell me, have I ever paid attention to any of them? Then why do you keep writing the same thing over and over to me? I’ve never done anything to please anyone. I do what I want to do and what makes me happy”, began the model.

In this context, the Chilean assured that “a kiss in itself has no meaning”, and that she also kissed her daughters until they were seven or eight years old.

Instagram @cotelopezm

“My children have never kissed another person on the mouth. That’s what dads are for. I don’t know of any scientific study that says this is bad. In fact, there is none that has been proven this to be so. On the other hand, the absence of physical affection does have a negative effect on children,” said the influencer.

She added: “So you’ll have to put up with it because I’ve got at least two more years of kissing him, as long as he wants me to. I find it even more disgusting when people want to give a sexual connotation to something so pure.”

It’s worth remembering that María José López has four children with footballer Luis “Mago” Jiménez: the triplets Rebecca, Raffaella, Isidora, (12) and Luis Jesús (6).