By Upsocl
March 3, 2023

“You don’t want to study, go sell,” the father told his daughter while carrying the box of marzipans. On social media, he was branded an “extremist” for his punishment.

Each parent raises their child as they like, where each one does what they believe is best for their children. However, when we share parenting lessons on social media, we are exposing ourselves to the reality that not everyone might share our values.

That’s what happened to a father recently online after he shared how he taught his daughter the value of school and studying. He sent her to sell marzipan on the street. 

TikTok @jesusmarquez8033 

The TikTok video has caused a stir in recent hours. Some users on social media applauded the father’s attitude while others criticized his actions and exposed that it was excessive.

The clip shows a girl, apparently outside a school on the sidewalk, carrying a box of marzipan. Meanwhile, from inside a car, the driver, the minor’s father, tells her that he wants a marzipan and asks how much it costs.

“How much are the marzipans? I want a marzipan. How much are you selling them for?” the man is heard saying.

He then adds: “You don’t want to study, start selling. Look, I went to the stationery store to sell. Start working as a marzipan maker. Shout: ‘Marzipan, marzipan, I’m not good for school. I don’t like it. I’m going to sell marzipan now’,” he tells his daughter.

However, while the father shouts, the girl tries to hold back her tears and can be heard saying: “I never said I didn’t want to study. I’m not saying that. That’s not true”.

Although the video was posted on the account @jesusmarquez8033, it was quickly deleted due to the controversy it generated on social media. However, many Internet users were able to recover the video that sparked debate.

Some users debated about how good or bad the idea of exhibiting his daughter was by imposing the punishment of selling marzipan in the street because she didn’t want to go to school.

“To all those who say that she’ll hate him and so on, you don’t have children. Nobody knows how a father goes out of his way for his children in ways they sometimes don’t value”; “Poor girl, but it’s a good lesson”; “We all criticize, but I think he’s teaching her a lesson, and she should see that it isn’t easy and she should value what she’s given”; “How ugly that there are parents who instead of educating, cause behavioral reflexes based on embarrassing their children”, are some of the comments that were generated after the viral clip.