By Upsocl
January 25, 2023

Maicol Quiñonez is known as Mike Jambs, but he’s also famous for getting the Argentinian footballer’s surname tattooed after his national team won the World Cup in Qatar since he’d accepted the challenge to get it done. “I have received thousands of insults on social media,” he said on Instagram.

With the victory of the Argentine national team in the World Cup in Qatar, social media were soon filled with memes and speculation, especially about what the fans of that team and Lionel Messi’s admirers would do.

Several of them celebrated in the streets of that country, and even in different parts of the world as it was an international joy, as well as in other ways. One case was that of Maicol Quiñonez, a young man known on social media as Mike Jambs, for having tattooed “Messi” all over his forehead.

Instagram: mike_jambs

As if that wasn’t enough, he also had the three stars representing Argentina’s FIFA World Cup victories tattooed on his face, as well as the words “D10S” on his right cheek.

He proudly showed off the result on social media, facing controversy, especially among his Latino followers.

Instagram: mike_jambs

However, his case took a surprising turn as he took to social media again to say that his opinion has changed. “I regret my Messi tattoo,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a video where he made his reasons known.

“I regret it because, instead of bringing positive things into my life, thousands of negative things have come, both personally and in my family,” he said in the video.

Instagram: mike_jambs

To go into further detail, he told how his life has changed since he got the tattoo. “I’ve been teased, I’ve been criticized, I’ve been rejected. I’ve been judged and even received threats. All because of a video I uploaded to my social media where I did a challenge I’d promised my friends I’d do,” he said in the video.

He also claimed that he never thought that the post in which he showed himself with his tattoo would go viral and that he’d end up receiving so much criticism. “I have received thousands of insults on social media,” he confessed in the post.

According to his statements, Mike said that he has already made the decision to remove the tattoo from his face, although he has yet to determine the procedure he will undergo.