By Natalia Avayu
May 22, 2024

Along with Dorothea, his wife, they opened two restaurants in New Jersey for people who need to eat for free without being judged. They’re opening their third place now!

We all know Jon Bon Jovi but, for those who don’t know him, here goes some information about him: he’s the lead singer of Bon Jovi, a multiple Grammy Awards winner, he’s sold millions of albums worldwide, he’s one of the most renowned faces of 80’s and 90’s rock… and he’s also a huge philanthropist.

Bon Jovi, 57 years old, knows that he has to share part of his success with the community and help those who need it the most. Unlike other celebrities, he doesn’t publicly announce his donations at fancy events: he doesn’t like making a huge scene out of his selfless acts and he only has good intentions in mind.

That’s why, along with his wife Dorothea Hurley, they opened two community restaurants to feed people with limited access to food, so they can enjoy a free meal without being judged by anyone. Currently, they’re planning to open a third place.

In 2011, the couple opened the first JBJ Soul Kitchen in Red Bank (New Jersey, USA), to feed poor people. The restaurant doesn’t have any prices on the menu but, as an alternative, people eating there can make a 20 USD donation to cover the costs of their food.

However, those who don’t have any money also can enjoy the food: the establishment has a policy that establishes that every extra 20 USD donation will cover the cost of the meal for someone who can’t pay for it. Now, these people can also pay their dinner by washing the dishes, if they want.

In 2016, the Bon Jovi family opened another Soul Kitchen in Toms River (New Jersey, USA), and even bigger than the first one. Jon talked about this project back in 2016 for a Billboard interview, claiming that it would be very important for the local community.

“We’ll make a bigger impact here at Toms River. Our mission has always been to promote positive change and help with the hunger issue and the lack of shelter. We’re expanding our mission with a red of collaborators and resources so we can fill the needs of the Toms River community.”

Jon Bon Jovi to Billboard

Now, the Bon Jovi family wants to open a third restaurant at Rutgers University, also in New Jersey. This information was confirmed on CBS news by the Bon Jovi. With this restaurant, they aim to help students who don’t have enough to pay for food.

“We think this is like a rite of passage: studying hard and eating ramen. But what happens if that’s the only thing you can pay for?” 

Jon Bon Jovi to CBS News

Income gaps can be astounding, especially when it comes to celebrities. This gives us hope and helps us believe that not everyone is blinded by money and fame and that there are people, like Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, who are genuinely interested in helping the community.

Worthy of someone with a lot of rock in his soul: everything for their fans!