By Upsocl
September 23, 2020

They rented an AirBnB, put on their finery and celebrated their union.

Many people have been affected by the COVID-19 restrictions. From restaurants and thousands of other jobs, to those who were hoping to celebrate their wedding in style. Just like Chaya Milchtein and Jodyann Morgan, who got married despite not being able to invite their nearest and dearest.

The wedding was small and intimate, as their families didn’t want to celebrate with them.

Chaya an educator, writer and speaker from Milwaukee, met Jodyann, a security worker from New York, four years ago. After adding a cat and a pet tortoise to their number, they moved to Chaya’s hometown in Milwaukee and rented a beautiful AirBnB with lots of greenery.

Danielle Lawson / Natural Nerd Designs

Due to COVID restrictions they were unable to invite as many guests to their wedding as they would have liked. Instead they opted for a less extravagant service but their family declined the invitation. However while there may not have been any physical guests in attendance, 10,000 people watched a live stream of the ceremony online, after learning about the couple’s story and empathizing with them.

“We married in Indianapolis not because it’s a city close to our hearts but rather a place we could adventure to, safely. ‘It was held at a beautiful Airbnb, whose backyard butted up to the White River, where the ceremony was held. ‘Only our wedding vendors saw us that day, wearing masks, of course.”

Chaya Milchtein told Metro UK

Danielle Lawson / Natural Nerd Designs

The ceremony was officiated by a queer plus-size woman while more women from LGBTQ+ backgrounds did the makeup and flowers for the service.

“Since we didn’t have a huge amount of people to focus on, we focused on the details, collaborating with queer, Black, and plus size vendors to create a really unique and beautiful ceremony. ‘Neither of our parents were interested in celebrating with us, and Morgan wanted to just go to Vegas and get it done. I, on the other hand, wanted a more community affair.”

Chaya Milchtein to Metro UK

Danielle Lawson / Natural Nerd Designs

This story is proof that a couple in love is all that’s needed for a great wedding.