By Upsocl
February 7, 2023

When the bill arrived, the guy suggested splitting the cost of dinner, something that deeply upset the young woman since she believes the man should invite her.

Paying the bill is a topic that has generated debate on social media. Should the man pay? The woman? Should it be both? That’s the question many people ask themselves when it comes to going out to dinner, and for many years, the popular belief is that it’s an “obligation” that the man must pay for everything.

Now, thanks to this story, the debate has been brought back online after a young woman showed herself furious at the fact that her date asked if they could split the bill. 

TikTok @benfurken

The TikToker known as Benfurken, went on his first date with a girl and decided to document the whole moment, including when he asked if she could pay for her share of dinner after the date was over.

“I finally get to go out with the girl I like, but who has to pay for everything? Her or me? Or half and half?” the influencer pointed out in the video before he entered a restaurant called Tequilería, located in the Condesa.

At the beginning the influencer made several uncomfortable comments to the young woman because of the amount of dishes she was ordering. “Another one?” he said when she asked for one more beer. And then he questioned her about some tuna tostadas: “That dish is a little expensive, isn’t it? I mean, it looks good, really good.”

TikTok @benfurken

 Finally, the bill arrived, which was 3,944 pesos, so each of them had to pay 1,972 pesos. As soon as Benfurken told her how much she had to pay, the young woman took off her sunglasses and was very upset.

“What do you mean?… I mean, should I have to pay you 2,000 pesos? That’s not possible. It’s the first time you ask me out, and you’re charging me more than half of the bill, plus the service… It’s the first time you ask me out, you don’t do that,” said the girl.

Enraged, she told the TikToker that she didn’t need a ride home. She preferred to take an Uber and got up from the table to pay what she owed.

This is when the young man confessed to her that it was all a joke, and that, of course, he would pay for her dinner.

On social media, the girl’s attitude caught people’s attention for assuming from the beginning that he would pay the bill.

Should it be half and half? We read your comments!