By Ignacio Mardones
July 5, 2024

They saw him, helped him, and after a few days, they took him home. “Tano,” as this grandfather is called, today has a bed, clean clothes, shoes without holes, food and a beautiful family.

If you thought that humanity has lost all hope, this post is for you. Get happy, because there are still plenty of good people. They are exceptional cases, those that leave you speechless. You wonder how and why. That’s how we felt upon hearing about this remarkable case. It’s worthy of a standing ovation.

This 4-year-old boy convinced his family to adopt a grandfather off the street. One day they saw him and gave him something hot to eat because the cold had invaded the streets of Argentina. They got to know him and eventually took him home. Grandpa “Tano” now has clean clothes, food, a bed and a nice family. Little Tiziano looked past his appearance at his heart.

It all started one afternoon when Florence walked with her son, Tiziano, towards school. The little boy saw the grandfather and immediately started a beautiful friendship with him.

Dirty, cold with long hair, and without food, he just asked for something hot to eat. At that moment, the best of Titian and his mother came out, their kindness and solidarity.

They’ve made us regain our faith in humanity.

Florencia Oleinizak

’It was a cold morning. We were heading to kindergarten and stopped on our way to buy the biscuits that Tizi asks me for every day. We saw Tano and Tizi said: “We’re going to buy something for Grandpa.” We bought biscuits and a sandwich,” said the mom. The little one gave it to him and asked: ‘’ Are you happy, Grandpa?’’ Excited, Tano replied ‘Yes, son’”

Tiziano’s mother, Florencia, told TN.

They wanted to help him the next day, but they didn’t find him. Two weeks passed by where they didn’t about the whereabouts of “Tano”, until they crossed paths again.

Little Tiziano’s happiness moved his family and, in a noble gesture, they decided to take him home.

Florencia Oleinizak

In the interview they gave for the Argentine television, Tano said that unfortunately he’d lived almost a year on the streets. His daughter had taken away his home, leaving him without a second thought, shattering his life and hopes.

When everything was dark, this little angel appeared with his family. Tiziano and Tano have become inseparable. They’re great friends and he’s a part of the family now and is like a grandfather to them.

Florencia Oleinizak

Happiness has returned to the old man’s life. He’s smiling again by the side of his new beautiful family.

Tiziano and his parents’ gesture is worth a standing ovation. It’s worthy of imitating, even on a smaller scale, as we often overlook homeless people.