By Upsocl
February 3, 2023

The alleged pedophile was attacked by two large dogs while the minor’s father reprimanded him for what he had tried to do.

Social media can be used not only to have more contact with those closest to us, such as family and friends, but also to disseminate undertakings and projects. There are times when these platforms are used in negative ways by people who seek to commit crimes.

One of the most common crimes is catfishing, a deceptive activity in which a person creates a false profile to engage in conversations with others.

Twitter @ps1ack

Unfortunately, this type of scam is used by some adult pedophiles who are interested in children, so they impersonate other people and thus make those minors believe they are the same age as them.

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media in which a supposed man was caught by the father of a girl who’d been tricked.

Twitter @ps1ack

According to information from El Heraldo, the Twitter account, @ps1ack, assured that “a man arranges a meeting with a 12-year-old girl online. On arrival, he is greeted by the girls’ father and family pets.”

Twitter @ps1ack

Clearly, as you can see from the record, that greeting was anything but peaceful. The subject, an alleged pedophile, was lying on the ground while two large dogs were biting his arms and torso.

Twitter @ps1ack

Apparently, the girl had allegedly told her father that she would ben hanging out with a friend she had met on the internet. Her father immediately realized that it was a hoax, so he decided to set him up.

In the video, the voice of the girl’s father can be heard reprimanding him for his intentions, while the accused is begging to be left alone and not be hurt. While there were some who defended the father for his actions, other users criticized him and wrote that there could be consequences if the subject was hurt in an attack by his dogs.

Twitter @ps1ack

Although the way he defended his daughter is debatable, the father managed to act in time. If she had gotten together with the stranger, a regretful tragedy could’ve happened.