By Upsocl
May 13, 2022

Juan and Beatriz have been dating for five years after meeting at the company where they currently work. The young man thought it was time to take an important step together, so he asked his bosses for permission to prepare the perfect proposal in a room, and it turned out just as he expected.

 Love can happen anywhere and appear at any moment. We can meet someone special in the neighborhood where we live, in a public place, on the internet, and in many other ways, including at work.

Beatriz and Juan are examples of this. They’re employees at an assembly factory in Reynosa (Mexico) with many years of experience. While Beatriz has been working in the area for 14 years, Juan has been doing so for 16, and it was in this same place where they met as colleagues and started a romantic relationship that has been going on for five years now.

This was time enough to think about more serious commitments such as marriage, so Juan thought of doing something special for his beloved one.

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The man spoke to his bosses to tell them about the proposal he had planned for Beatriz. He asked for their permission to organize the surprise at the same place of work.

They listened to him and accepted his request, so he talked to human resources and asked them to lend him a room in order to be able to carry out his romantic idea.

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“It occurred to me to talk to (human) resources to see if there was a chance they could lend me the room and they said it was fine. They just told me to let them know what day, and the next morning I went to buy the ring,”Juan told Milenio.

His colleagues were excited by the plan and helped Juan decorate the room with white and red balloons in the shape of a heart, all so that the marriage proposal would go perfectly. The only thing left was for Beatriz to arrive at the venue. To get her there, they told her she had to attend a work meeting, and that’s how she found the surprise of her beloved, as can be seen on the company’s Facebook page.

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“I wasn’t expecting that. It was a surprise. I remember I was walking in and as I had been told something else, I was supposedly coming to a meeting in the room, I hadn’t seen him. When I came in and my colleagues applauded, I thought they were welcoming me, and when I looked up, I saw him. I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting it,” Beatriz said, according to Milenio.

As romantic tradition dictates, he knelt down in front of her and put the engagement ring on her finger.They couldn’t hide their happiness.

Facebook: Springs Window Fashions México

The whole team that participated in the plan posed with the future husband and wife, very happy to have helped in this idea to give a moment of happiness to some colleagues in love.

Surely many will want to go to the wedding to see this dear couple’s new beginning.