By Upsocl
January 12, 2023

Austin Wells spent $300,000 on a 12-year lease aboard the MV Narrative, which comes with many perks such as access to a gym, medical care, room service, among others that would allow him to save and enjoy life.

We all wish for a quiet life, where we can enjoy our surroundings without worrying about anything else. However, this isn’t always possible since, with so many issues and debts to deal with, we sometimes believe we actually live to work instead of the other way around.

However, there are people who have managed to change this reality just to enjoy a more comfortable life, and that is the example of Austin Wells.


Austin Wells is a 28-year-old man from San Diego, California (United States) who decided to live more economically. However, he didn’t exactly move to a cheaper flat or house but instead started a life at sea.

Not literally a life “under the sea”, but on the ocean: on a cruise ship.


According to LADbible, Austin spent $300,000 on a 12-year lease aboard the MV Narrative, and, as he told CNBC, it works out cheaper than renting a flat in his hometown. According to The Sun, the value of a flat is $2,500 per month, while the room costs him $2,000 per month, which would save him on rent, not counting everything else.

Although the boat is under construction in Croatia and will only be ready in 2025, Austin is happy for the benefits it brings. “The thing that most excites me is I don’t have to upend my daily routine, in order to go see the world,” he told CNBC.


The ship is also completely luxurious, with 500 private rooms and flats, plus permanent travelers like Austin have access to a gym, a farmers’ market, medical care, 24-hour room service and private kitchens. Austin’s room, for example, spans 22 square meters and has a desk, bathroom with shower, pantry, and pull-out bed.

“My work schedule will be changed to afternoons, nights and early mornings, but that opens up the possibility for me to see a city from noon to afternoon,” he told the media outlet. “This is probably the first time there’s been the possibility of having a standard job and even considering working and living in a floating apartment complex,” he added.

Traveling and living in peace, the dream of many.