By José Pablo Harz
March 9, 2023

A young man who saw the whole funny scene decided to record it, and that’s how this moment was immortalized, and we can admire his roguishness.

In times of crisis, and even in normal times, people always find ways to make the most of their money. This was proven by this man who, without a shred of shame, decided to refill his 3-liter bottle at the drink dispenser of a fast-food joint.

Although in most of the food establishments in Latin America these machines are for the exclusive use of the workers, in some places you can make use of the refill yourself. This, for example, is very common in the United States, where you can ask for a refill almost everywhere or serve it yourself.

TikTok @georgelop19

This man clearly went to this location because they had a free refill. Once there, he stood in front of the machine and fearlessly pulled out a three-liter bottle. Then, with the help of a glass, he began to fill the container with Coca-Cola.

A young man who was quietly enjoying his lunch saw this person in the middle of his feat. The situation caught his attention so much that he decided to start filming it. He ended up uploading the resulting clip to his TikTok account along with the well-known audio of “What’s That” from SpongeBob SquarePants.

TikTok @georgelop19

In a matter of hours, the video took off, and today it already has more than 2 million views. Many people celebrated the man’s ingenuity and took the situation with great humor. In fact, almost no one criticized him.

One person said: “He took the free refill very seriously”, while another said: “And me feeling bad because I always take my glass full when I go out to eat”. Yet another third user joked, “No fear of success. He who is afraid of dying shouldn’t be born.” Here’s the video:

What do you guys think of this? Was the man a freeloader or is he just a genius for taking advantage of the system?