By Upsocl
January 20, 2023

The man has never shown his face because he is insecure about being rejected by his friends, so only a few people know his quirky alter ego. “I’m afraid people will think I’m weird,” he said.

Toco is a Japanese man who decided to leave his normal life behind and become what he always wanted: a border collie dog. To get there, he had to spend $15,025, but every cent was worth it when he got his hands on the hyper-realistic costume.

Now he wears the costume a few times a week to enjoy being what he always dreamed of and, through YouTube, he shares certain videos where he shows the public what his life is like, learning to eat, play and train just like a normal dog would.

YouTube @I_want_to_be_an_animal

While he is completely happy with this new facet of his life, he admitted that he is still sometimes unsure about what people will think of him, especially his friends

I rarely tell my friends because I’m afraid they will think I’m weird. My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal,” he confessed to The Mirror. That’s why he hides his face in the clips, because he’s scared of what his co-workers and other people he knows in real life might think of him.

YouTube @I_want_to_be_an_animal

Still, it’s not something he’ll stop doing since it’s what he really loves. “Since childhood, I have had this unspecific fantasy of becoming an animal. I wonder whether it was a desire for transformation,” he said. He also said he specifically chose a border collie costume because it’s his favorite breed of dog.

The people who made all this possible work for Zeppet, a Japanese company that is known for creating realistic sculptures and models for various films. According to what was reported, the creation of the particular suit took 40 days since Toco regularly asked for improvements to make it totally perfect.

YouTube @I_want_to_be_an_animal

 Since the skeleton structure [between human and animal] is very different, we spent a lot of time studying how to make it look like a dog. In addition, we collected photographs taken from various angles so that the beautiful coat of the collie can be reproduced and devised so that the coat will flow naturally,” a company representative explained some time ago.

Still, there are many people who support Toco’s habit and leave messages such as: “I’m so happy for you! It’s so sweet to see your dreams come true,” and “The costumes and movements look so realistic… Toco is amazing.”