By Upsocl
agosto 19, 2022

Every girl reflects her style when she celebrates her 15th birthday with a dress that represents her. Cristal Nohemí González decided to wear a gown that shows the culture of the indigenous community she’s a part of. Her attire displayed the typical patterns in a black color, and instead of a crown, she wore a Rarámuri handkerchief.

Celebrating a birthday is exciting because of the attention and affection one receives during the day, where surprises and gifts can arrive as one organizes a party with one’s loved ones.

One of the most awaited days for adolescents in Mexico is the celebration of their 15th birthday, because it celebrates the birthday girl’s debut into society. There is a mass to give thanks as well as an event with food, cake, guests, and a big dance.

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Since you don’t wear formal wear every day, the birthday girl has the opportunity to wear a beautiful, eye-catching dress that reflects her style and personality.

Most quinceañeras wear one inspired by princesses, movies or fantasy stories, but Cristal Nohemí González wanted to make a difference by proudly wearing one inspired by the Rarámuri culture of which she is a part of.

Facebook: Folklore Mis Ojos y Mi Voz

The Rarámuri culture, also known as Tarahumara, belongs to the indigenous community of northern Mexico, which occupies part of the Sierra Madre Occidental in the state of Chihuahua, where Cristal comes from.

The quinceañera’s dress retained the characteristic patterns of the typical female costume. The black color made it stand out elegantly, and instead of a crown, she chose to wear a handkerchief from the same culture. She was ready to dazzle at her party.

Facebook: Folklore Mis Ojos y Mi Voz

The images of Cristal soon spread on social media, where she received praise for her decision to represent her culture in such an important moment for her.

Congratulations! Double congratulations, one for your 15th birthday, and the other for wearing such a beautiful dress with dignity”, “Beautiful dress! Keep preserving and strengthening your traditions”,“Beautiful dignified Rarámuri representative”, and “Simply spectacular“, were some of the comments on the ‘folkloremisojosymivoz’ post on Facebook.

It was inevitable that Cristal would stand out, as she deserved to, at the party. She was the star of the celebration.