By Natalia Avayu
May 11, 2024

A woman from Indiana had been suffering from a terrible headache for 12 hours. After trying it all, she found the cure on the Internet: using a plastic clip.

Migraine is a common health condition among people around the world. It’s a disease that can appear from one day to the next, without much explanation, and is capable to interrupt or even completely ruin your day.

Even thought it’s the third most common disease in the world, medicine has failed to find a quick, effective solution. It’s true that there are plenty of painkillers and medicines, but they have limited effects; and for some people, they just don’t work.

Elizabeth Hayes from Indiana didn’t know how to stop the terrible migraine she was suffering from. 12 hours later she was so exhausted and desperate that she did what most of us often do: she decided to search online looking for answers.

Facebook: Elizabeth Hayes

On one of these sites that promise quick and effective solutions, according to Daily Mail, Elizabeth found a site where they explained the effects of “Acupressure.” Similar in principle to acupuncture, it works by pressing some acupoints on the body’s meridians, to clear blockages in these meridians.

In the case of migraines, she could control her pain by pressing the point between the thumb and forefinger.

Facebook: Elizabeth Hayes

Elizabeth put the chip clip in this right place, and as if by magic within the first twenty minutes her pain was reduced. An hour later, Elizabeth’s pain was reduced by half.

She was so grateful that she decided to post her experience on Facebook, as a way to share this important method. Soon after, she started to receive tons of messages. Some people couldn’t believe they could stop their migraines in such a simple way.

Whenever you’re desperate, it can all be an effective solution.