By Upsocl
March 8, 2023

Haute couture model Maggie Maurer participated in a fashion show and showed that not everything is fashion, as she carried her baby and breastfed her in the middle of the event.

Many times, work isn’t very compatible with motherhood, and although it would be ideal to have separate spaces for each of them, there are women who must take their children to work, if they’re allowed to do so.

 Such is the case of international model Maggie Maurer, who took her daughter to a fashion show in Paris and breastfed her in the middle of the important event.

Vogue Runway

Through social media, the model shared an image where she appears with her little girl, Nora-Jane, backstage at the Schiaparelli fashion show, which took place in Paris, France.,

Captioned “#BTS #Mommy”.The model showed how she managed to feed her baby despite being fully made up and dressed to walk the runway.

Instagram @maggiejoymaurer

To prevent makeup from interfering with breastfeeding, Maurer wore plastic wrap around her neck, and thus prevented her daughter from getting any chemicals on her at feeding time.

Of course, after the scene was shared on her Instagram account, the model received a series of comments where they applauded her attitude. “This is the only thing that matters,” said one internet user. “Love this so much,” wrote another. “I’ve never seen anything more beautiful,” said another follower.

Instagram @maggiejoymaurer

This isn’t the first time Maggie has brought motherhood to fashion events. In 2022, at the Nensi Dojaka fashion show, she paraded pregnant with her daughter, managing to juggle work and motherhood, despite how complicated it can be.