By Upsocl
septiembre 30, 2022

The young woman had an arm and thigh lift, extended tummy tuck, back liposuction, and breast implants. However, she claims it was all worth it now that she feels happy with herself.

Scarlet Black is a young English woman who was addicted to fast food, spending more than $8,000 a year on fast food. However, at one point in her life, she decided that she could no longer continue with this routine that was so harmful to her health.

Thus, she decided to invest in a gastric sleeve that “changed her life”, losing half of her total weight, that is, approximately 87 kilos. However, after being left with quite a lot of loose skin, she had to spend more money on interventions where they fixed that.

Instagram @scarletblackx

Adding up the costs of the gastric sleeve, arm and thigh lift, extended tummy tuck, back liposuction and breast implants, plus the cost of flights to clinics in Turkey and London, she shelled out around $20,000.

Life is actually amazing. I’m a new person and cannot recommend this surgery enough for anyone who struggles – it’s changed my life. I now wear clothes I’d never had the confidence to wear before. I can really express myself and get some more skin out,” she told The Sun.

Instagram @scarletblackx

She also showed off her new body in a video and added “Money can’t buy happiness?”, alluding to the fact that it was worth all the money she spent, because it radically increased her self-esteem.

Scarlet commented that all this problem started when she was very young, when she was already a little over her ideal weight and people teased her by calling her “fat“. This unfortunate situation made her feel very insecure about herself, so she began to eat even more as a form of emotionally escaping.

However, when one of her friends told her that they were “disgusted” by everything she ate, she decided to have surgery to change her image for good. Now she is happy on social media and feels like “a new person“.