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enero 21, 2022

“No mother likes to see her child cry, and breastfeeding always calms them down,” newlywed Barbara Ceresa told Metropoles.

Marriage is one of the most important ceremonies for a couple who wish to unite their lives and spend the rest of the years together. Getting married has no age or requirement other than love, and it is increasingly common to see people of different ages getting married and even mothers with their children in their arms while they do so.

Although the wedding is the happiest moment for a bride-to-be who is already a mother, this doesn’t mean that her children will lose importance in the event. She can even include them in the middle of the ceremony.

 Bárbara Ceresa and Vítor Craveiro organized their wedding on the beach in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). They traveled from Brazil to have the perfect day, and every detail was fundamental, especially the fact that their little son was among the guests. Bárbara even breastfed him  in the middle of the wedding.

Renata Souza & Hugo Moreira

Little Felippo had been left in the care of his grandmother, present among all the other guests while his parents were getting married. Everything seemed to be going well until the little boy began to feel uncomfortable. Barbara heard him from the altar and went to fetch him. She held him in her arms and fed him while she listened to her future husband say his wedding vows.

 “No mother likes to see her child cry, and breastfeeding always calms them down,” Barbara told Metropoles.

Felippo needed his mother’s breast milk, and the wedding dress made it easy to feed him. She was ready for this.

Renata Souza & Hugo Moreira

 The moment was captured in photographs, which show how the act made the ceremony even more beautiful as the mother, happy with her baby in her arms, said yes to her future husband.

For her, this was a very important and meaningful detail. “It was very special. It’ll be so nice later on when he is older to see his mother breastfeeding him during the vows. I think this seals our love even more,” the newlywed told Metropoles.

Renata Souza & Hugo Moreira

They will have beautiful memories for the future.