By Upsocl
January 17, 2023

At Christmas time, Melissa Sloan hasn’t been able to watch her children perform in ‘The Nativity’ scene in the same way as other parents because her appearance doesn’t go down well with teachers. ” They said once for me to go to the back garden and look through the class window,” she told the Daily Star.

While tattoos are considered art to many people, others see them as something bad and horrible, especially when someone has more than half of their body tattooed.

That’s the reality that Melissa Sloan, 45, continues to grapple with, to the point where she has become famous in Powys, Wales, for being addicted to tattoos. While they mean a lot to her, at the same time, they create the biggest obstacles for her when she meets other people.

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As she previously told the Daily Star, the mother-of-two was abused as a child, so she turns to tattoos to cope with the horrific memories.

However, this lifestyle isn’t accepted by the community as she has previously explained that she has been unable to find work or get into ‘posh’ pubs because of her fully tattooed face and body. Now a new experience has been added to all this.

Melissa Sloan

In the middle of the Christmas season, it’s normal for children to perform a Nativity play at school, which is what happened to Melissa’s children. However, she told the British media source that she again faced rejection from others because of her appearance, and this time in the play.

There are no Christmas parties and when I go to my child’s school I don’t get invited. They said once for me to go to the back garden and look through the class window,” she told the Daily Star.

Melissa Sloan

The teachers told me to do that, that’s why I don’t go to the school play,” she added. She also explained that Luke, her partner, is going to pick her up while she is forced to stay at home.

He’s [Luke] going tonight to the kids’ fayre as I can’t go there as I’m not wanted. I feel so jealous as I can’t go there and to the Christmas fayre as I know what they’re [teachers and parents] like towards me,”she said in the interview.

Melissa Sloan

While she already has her body and face covered in tattoos, she said she will pause and won’t add another one during the holiday season. I don’t think I’ll be having one [tattoo] around Christmas Time I’ll leave that as it’s our time. I’ll be selfish if I have one around Christmas. It’s their [the children’s] time, it’s not about me,” she said, assuring that when it’s all over she’ll get back to her own thing.