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marzo 2, 2021

This 44-year-old woman has suffered bullying at her children’s school after the other parents found out about her “sexy” OnlyFans account. She is able to provide for her children thanks to her sensual and exclusive content.

Live and let live, right? That’s what many of us believe until we do something that we are judged for and we realize that our decisions aren’t always well-received by others. And while it shouldn’t matter what other people think, their negative comments can make our lives a nightmare.

This is something that Tiffany Poindexte, a mother of three, has experienced first-hand, after other parents at her children’s school found out about her private OnlyFans account. She has been on the receiving end of negative comments, bullying and has even been threatened with her children’s expulsion from school.

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For those who don’t know, OnlyFans is an online platform that functions as a subscription service, where content creators can earn money thanks to users paying to view their page. The content on this site, which has become a world-wide phenomenon, varies from giving tips to sexy photos.

The 44 year old joined OnlyFans in 2019 as a way of spicing up her marriage with her husband Chris, who’s 49. “I really didn’t feel sexy when I was going through early-onset menopause,” Tiffany told LADBible when speaking about her decision to enter the world of “sexy” images.

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At the beginning they published a photo of her in a bikini on Reddit: “It was Chris’s idea and the photo became so popular that all these people began asking for more, so we set up an OnlyFans account and it took off.”

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In her first month alone she made more than $14,000 dollars for her content and today, according to Tiffany, she’s one of the most successful models on the site, where she uploads photos posing in lingerie or in costume while doing “ordinary” activities such as cooking or cleaning.

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However, what started out as a “sexy secret” between husband and wife quickly became the talk of the catholic community where the couple live and they became embroiled in scandal.

In July 2020, neighbors and parents at the school found Tiffany’s OnlyFans profile. “Somebody found my account and suddenly, the school moms were sending me text messages telling me I had to leave the school” says the mother.

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Some parents took it even further and began sending her photos by email to the principal of the school that Tiffany’s three young children attend. “They called us so many names, ‘disturbing, disgusting, horrible’ and they wanted to have my children expelled!”

While the school principal has yet to comment on the subject, the whole thing has been an ordeal for Tiffany and her husband who assure that her account is “quite innocent” and that people have the mistaken idea that they will find “sexual videos” on her OnlyFans page.

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For the moment her children continue to attend the school and Tiffany is still creating content for her OnlyFans followers. Because at the end of the day, the money she makes supports her family.