By Upsocl
December 12, 2022

Sarah Sands had an impulse and went with a knife to the residence of the man who abused her three little ones. She regrets it, but her children are glad he’s gone.

A mother would do whatever it takes to save her children’s lives, even if it means putting her own at risk in the midst of an extremely delicate and dangerous situation, as was the case with this woman from the United Kingdom, who starred in a shocking scene.

This is the case of Sarah Sands, who in 2014 stabbed to death the pedophile who had abused her three children when they were little. Although the mother knew she would be found guilty of murder, she determinedly went to the home of Michael Pleasted, 77, and stabbed him eight times.


The man was convicted of abuse and was facing further charges, being accused of sex offenses against other children in the town of Silvertown, where he lived.

Bradley is the eldest of Sarah’s children and was 12 at the time of his abuser’s death, while his younger brothers, twins Alfie and Reece, were a year younger. They are now 20 and 19, so they have decided to speak out about what happened.

“It made us feel safer. It didn’t slow down the nightmares. However, it gave us a sense of safety because you didn’t have to walk down the street thinking it was going to come around the corner,” said Alfie.


While Bradley added that he “literally lived across the street. You could open that window over there and you’d see his house.” On that note, the third brother, Reece, was also happy that his abuser was gone, although that didn’t fix the damage already done.

“It was nice to know he was dead, (but) it didn’t stop the afterthoughts, you know, we’d often wake up crying saying, ‘where’s mom?” he commented.


For this crime, Sarah spent four years in prison. “I realized I had made a big mistake. He wasn’t remorseful in any way. He said, ‘your children are lying’. The whole world froze. I had the knife in my left hand, and I remember him trying to grab it,” she recalled, noting that she didn’t intend to kill him.


In 2018, Sarah finally got out of prison and set about rebuilding her relationship with her children. “She tried to spoil us. It was nice, but it makes you realize all those years that were lost,” Reece expressed. “There’s nothing that’s going to break the family bond,” Bradley added.