By Upsocl
November 10, 2021

Her daughter suffers from a rare syndrome and Eliza, the mother, asks society to show greater sensitivity toward special children and discriminate less based on physical appearance. This is a situation she has had to face together with her little girl since she was born.

A mother gave an honest account of her experience with motherhood after suffering rejection, discrimination and disappointment when her daughter was born. For her, it was the happiest moment of her life, but for others, it was an “unpleasant” surprise. 

Eliza J., a mother of a girl with a rare syndrome, decided to speak out for herself and for all mothers who’ve faced loneliness in motherhood when not everything goes “perfectly”. This is a reality that haunts thousands of women today.

Love What Matters

 In an interview with Love What Matters, Eliza told how she always wanted to get pregnant, a dream she shared with her husband. That’s why, some time later, she managed to conceive her baby and live a full and joyful pregnancy.

In fact, during the waiting period, everyone was anxious for the arrival of the baby girl, whom they would call Bella. Everyone talked about the physical traits that the baby would inherit, for example, who she might look like. Yet this situation changed completely from one moment to the next.

Love What Matters

A month before the due date, Eliza’s water broke and that worried her because she didn’t have things ready yet. However, she decided to go to the hospital anyway. Once in labor, strange things started to happen, and she noticed that the doctors were talking a lot amongst themselves.

It took 12 hours for Bella to finally come into the world. When she saw her for the first time, she noticed that her daughter’s ear was bent and that she was very small, but she thought it was normal since she’d heard that children are born “wrinkled”.

Love What Matters

Before even seeing her daughter, she was already excited about her arrival, but the looks around her didn’t say the same. The woman received no congratulations, not even from her husband, who looked frightened.

Quickly, several professionals came in to see her daughter, and no one said a word until they decided to take her to special care. It was at that moment that Eliza asked to see her baby and collapsed with emotion. Even though she had noticed that she was different, she just wanted to offer her love and care. 

Finally, and after several medical procedures, little Bella was diagnosed with Treacher Collins syndrome, an inherited condition that prevents the development of some bones and tissues of the face, forcing patients to undergo surgery at an early age.

Love What Matters

 Although both Eliza and her husband make a daily effort to offer the best life to their daughter, the mother asks society in general to be more sensitive to both parents and special children. She assures that life becomes much easier with people’s help.