By José Pablo Harz
May 23, 2024

Jotto fell into a pit and got separated from his family at only one month old. He’s not with his herd today, but he lives in an animal sanctuary and he’s become friends with Pea, his partner who gives him the warmth he needs during the nights.

The jungle is a hard place in which, sadly, not all species survive as a family. Some lose their families thanks to hunters, misfortune or because of the way nature works in the animal kingdom.

This is Jotto’s case, a baby elephant who was only one month old when he fell into a pit and got separated from his family. Luckily, he was rescued by David Shelldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), an orphanage located in Kenya that gives animals a second chance at life.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

However… they also take care of other kinds of animals besides elephants:

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This curious ostrich’s name is Pea. She was rescued back in 2014, the same day Jotto was saved. Pea’s brother, called Pod, was also rescued, and he quickly built a place for himself next to the other ostriches. But it seems like Pea thinks that she’s an elephant, since she spends all her time with them as just another elephant, specially next to Jotto.

“We aren’t lying when we say that orphan ostrich Pea definitely thinks she’s part of an elephant manage, and little Jotto is more than happy to enjoy his feathery friend’s embarace. The Nairobi nursery has experienced many sweet moments where orphans and many, many other animals have the chance to heal and, when they’re ready, go back to their natural habitat,” one of the representatives said.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Nature keeps teaching us that color or species aren’t important, any other living being can become family and help us overcome loss. This beautiful, orphaned baby elephant found a friend and the love he missed in an ostrich.