By Upsocl
agosto 5, 2022

The 28-year-old teacher is unrepentant, saying “Yes, I take sexy pictures. Whether I sell them or not, that’s my problem”.

Parents at an Argentinian school are furious after the OnlyFans account of teacher Miguelina Fredes, a 28-year-old blonde mother of two young children, was leaked.


The woman teaches at Escuela Normal Superior Nº 30 in Santa Fe, Argentina. Established in 1886, the school is considered one of the oldest in the country and prides itself on preserving its traditions.


Since March this year, Fredes has been on sick leave and now has an OnlyFans account where she uploads erotic content for her suscribers. The woman’s double life, with which she seeks to generate extra income, was discovered when someone leaked several of the hot photos that she shares on social media.

The leaked photos generated fury among her parents, who are now demanding that the woman be fired. Some of the photos of Miguelina show her practically naked, with only a thin cloth covering her curves. However, although parents have already filed complaints with the school, Fredes has promised not to resign from her teaching position. She told local media, “Yes, I take sexy pictures. Whether I sell them or not, that’s my problem.”

Responses from parents were swift, with one very angry mother saying, “let her do what she wants with her private life, but if she makes it public, then it becomes incompatible with teaching. My eight-year-old daughter saw her on the first day of school and then when she came back. In total, she was there for a week, but she posts on social media every day.”

Fredes isn’t the only primary school teacher to generate debate due to sharing erotic content. Last month, an elementary school teacher in Indiana was fired after her employer discovered her OnlyFans account. According to the school, the content was “putting [the school’s] reputation at risk”.