By Upsocl
March 24, 2022

Although her Instagram profile has been filled with criticism and bad comments, her followers claim she’s being discriminated against and encourage her to continue educating children no matter what they look like.

When it comes to the education of minors, there are certain issues that are delicate and careful. The thing is, teachers can be affected as well as children and their families at the slightest misunderstanding.


Keeping this in mind, there was recently a controversy in a school in New Jersey, United States. A teacher is being criticized by the institution’s proxies because, according to them, her body “is too distracting” to the children who are in the classroom.

Instagram @toyboxdollz

According to information from MTO News, the parents’ complaints started after they learned about her profile on Instagram, where she has garnered over 500,000 followers.

In her Instagram, the teacher uploads some photos where she appears doing art classes with her students. However, her body and the way she dresses has displeased many parents, who believe that it is “inappropriate” for a teacher to present herself like that when attending school.

Instagram @toyboxdollz

Interestingly, the clothes she wears in the classroom are always more covered than the ones she wears in other contexts, so the teacher has ignored the parents’ criticism.

Instagram @toyboxdollz

The controversy has escalated so much that the parents are already thinking of making a formal complaint to the school to have the teacher removed from her position. They argue that they are “concerned” because of the teacher’s body and claim that the way she dresses can be a “bad example” for the students.

Instagram @toyboxdollz

Despite the criticism, discrimination, and bad comments the art teacher has received, there are many followers who defend her and encourage her to keep doing classes and educating children, no matter how she may look or dress.