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January 27, 2023

“We apologize for all the years you couldn’t be you,” his parents told Fredo, who had to repress his sexual orientation and even his taste in toys since he was a child.

Sometimes children don’t get the gifts they want at Christmas due to various factors, sometimes economic and other times due to the parents’ inability to find what their child wants so badly. This can cause frustration in the little ones, leading them to never forget that gift that would’ve made them so happy.

 There are even cases of people who reach adulthood still wishing they’d received their much-needed gift.One such example is comedian and LGBTIQ+ activist known as Un Tal Fredo, who shared a touching moment on social media that took him back in time to when he was just a child.

Un Tal Fredo

As a child, Fredo always wanted a doll, but at the time, he was never able to see his dream come true, which caused him a lot of disappointment for not being able to play the way he wanted to. Fortunately, this Christmas, he was finally able to fulfill his childhood dream after his parents, as an adult, gave him a Barbie doll, just as he had wanted as a child.

Un Tal Fredo

“My 8-year-old self is crying so much you can’t imagine what this means, and not because I wanted to play with a Barbie in my 30s, but because of the acceptance that comes with it,” Fredo wrote in a post on his Instagram account.

Un Tal Fredo

“Today my parents told me, ‘We love you, we accept you, we support you, and we apologize for all the years you couldn’t be you,’ without needing to use words. To all those kids out there, know that it gets better, and please, never stop being yourselves,” the comedian added.


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The video shows his parents apologizing for giving the gift so many years later and hugging him. He was very happy with his gift.