By Upsocl
November 29, 2022

Paula Ede, 49, is more than happy to show off her toned body that she works for every day at the gym, despite getting hate on the Internet.

Clothes have no age limit. There are many who claim that there are certain outfits that are no longer appropriate for older people, however, these seem to be stereotypes. In reality, there is no practical reason why a person in their 50s, 60s, 80s, or whatever age, can’t wear a bikini. Paula Ede is a 49-year-old grandmother of three children and five grandchildren, and she’s happy to show off her toned body in a swimsuit.

However, there are those who find it “inappropriate” and let her know it. They believe that a lady of her age should cover her body and not go around showing it off. Paula rejects the criticism and explains, “Regardless of your age and size, if you want to wear a bikini, you should.” She also adds that she cares even less when she’s in a public place like a beach, as she probably won’t see the people who are looking at her with reproach again.

Instagram @pcminchella_paulaede

She also adds that she’s too busy “having a good time to worry about what people think if they see me in a bikini.” As for her detractors, the woman explains that older people have looked down on her, but that younger people tell her that she looks “completely amazing.” And truth be told, I quite agree. Paula is not the stereotypical “granny” and stays very active since she’s a fan of the gym.

Instagram @pcminchella_paulaede

She also likes to participate in marathons and go out with her friends at night. She has a very active social life. Apart from that, when it comes to wardrobe and fashion, she always likes to look great. She doesn’t prioritize comfort. Her closet has such nice and fashionable clothes that even her children’s girlfriends take a garment or two from her. When asked what she does to stay this jovial and looking so young, the woman answers that it’s a mix of genetics and a daily beauty and fitness routine.

Instagram @pcminchella_paulaede

She isn’t a fan of expensive products. She’s happier with more affordable lines. Paula starts by cleansing her face using hyaluronic acid and then moisturizes her skin. As for exercise, the woman walks to work and goes to the gym four times a week.

The woman loves her lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for anything, even though there are those who think it’s inappropriate. Personally, I think it’s amazing that Paula lives her life with so much energy. I hope to look as good as she does at 49.