By Upsocl
November 19, 2021

The situation was widely criticized on Reddit because of the passenger’s rudeness, who didn’t respect personal space.

Traveling to another country by plane is a luxury that some people can give to themselves as a gift. However, it can also be due to work reasons. Whatever the reason, passengers enjoy watching the scenery out the window, others sleep, while others rest while listening to music. However, it’s not always rosy.

There are also annoyances that turn an experience that should be enjoyed into an eternal nightmare. These can be noises made by children, filth from the passenger sitting next to you, carelessness, uncomfortable turbulence, among many others.

In public transportation, if one is having an unpleasant experience, you can move spots or switch one’s means of getting to your destination. However, this doesn’t happen on airplanes.


One user shared a very unpleasant experience on Reddit along with a photo evidencing what happened. He said that while he was sitting quietly in his seat on the plane, some feet appeared under his seat. They belonged to the person behind him, and he was very surprised as soon as he noticed them.

The pleasures of international travel,” brownshout wrote in the post. Plus, he was barefoot, which made the user even more uncomfortable. The passenger in the back didn’t think twice about invading the other person’s personal space, despite their disagreeable appearance.

This post received a lot of comments and criticism towards the stranger.

Reddit: u/brownshout

Some joked about his appearance and others commented on what they would’ve done in that situation, even hinting that it was worthy of a horror book. “It’s like a Stephen King story,” said one user.

Are those the feet of the troll that lives under the seat?” another person joked on the post. Others mentioned that they would opt for the most simple and polite alternative. “Honestly, I’d just say ‘get your damn feet out of my space. That’s so rude,’ I really don’t think I could put up with that,” commented someone else on Reddit.

The user didn’t comment on whether he did anything about it, but at least he’s out of that situation now.


 This is an example of a bad time that no one would want to go through.